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FaNat D.O.O offers you premium quality Coal extracted directly from the Indonesian mines, which are labeled as the best coal mines all around the globe. We are a verified Indonesian coal distributor from the region. The extracted Coal has 4 basic rankings levels as per the level of carbon in it and the amount of heat energy it can produce, named as anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, and lignite. We have all 4 levels of Coal available for you and can ship anywhere you want internationally. FaNat, as the leading Indonesian Steam Coal Exporter, caters to all your coal requirements and looking forward to trading with you by offering the least market rates for Indonesian Coal.

Get High-Grade Indonesian Coal In Bulk Quantity

We always believe in our customer satisfaction. We first give you a sample test and then deliver you the same product as promised, which makes us a prominent Indonesian Coal Distributor all around the world. If you are looking for High-Grade anthracite coal, then the Indonesian Steam Coal Exporter of FaNat D.O.O is your final spot. FaNat D.O.O has the best equipment and machinery which helps us in the extraction of pure Coal from the mines and then according to the requirement of our clients, and we cater the coal ore in high power furnaces to make them as per internationally accepted standards.  

Which Industries Can Benefit the Most Investing Here?

We, as the premium Indonesian coal distributor, have always maintained the quality standards when it comes to serving our clients with the best. FaNat takes all measures to benefit other industries with quality Indonesian steam coal. The optimal coal we provide could help various sectors in their projects, and this is what has surged our customer's trust in the Indonesian steam coal exporter. The following companies, however, can benefit the most from our steam coals.

  1. Chemical and Dye Industries
  2. Paper Mills
  3. Power Plants
  4. Coal screening plants
  5. Process houses
  6. Gasifier plants.

What Makes Our Indonesian Steam Coal Superior?

The coal we provide has a soft texture and is light in weight that helps the most in different applications. The low ash of the Indonesian coal also makes it superior to the others. As your trusted Indonesian steam coal exporter, we have a variety of coal to offer you at the most economical prices. You can shop our highly pure coal in bulk as well. We ensure to provide you the shipments of the Indonesian coal on time as well and that too in quality packaging so that the bulk reaches you safe and sound. Moreover, FaNat services are not limited to one domain only as you can take benefit of our quality coal no matter in which part of the world you live in. 

Browse Wholesale Rates Here!

FaNat D.O.O is a verified and certified Indonesian Coal Distributor. We can offer you the best wholesale rates for Coal because there will be no middle in between us, which reduces the extra costs. Many shipping agencies and freight companies have partnered with us to make us the safe and legal delivery to you. You just need to quote your requirements, and we will try every inch hard to cater to that as the top Indonesian Steam Coal Supplier. We are looking forward to trading with you!

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