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Copper scrap is smelted in primary and secondary smelters; the primary is mainly smelt concentrated. The secondary is scrap smelters primarily used by furnaces and top-blown rotary converter that are particularly effective efficient. Scrap is also widely recycled to the converters in primary smelters, and the heat cast-off in converter's exothermic Fe and S oxidation reactions is principally beneficial for melting scrap. Specifically, it happens when considerable oxygen is used for the oxidation reactions. Moreover, steel billets are also used to melt scrap iron and copper back in the 19th century, known as the Bessemer process. 

History of copper scraps

For thousands of years, copper and its alloys are in the recycling process, a normal economic practice. In past centuries, Rhodes' colossus, a statue straddling the entrance to Rhodes Harbor, was supposed to be constructed from copper. No hint of its leftovers since it was recycled to make other valuable artifacts. In the middle eras, it was pretty common to use bronze cannons, Indonesian coal, and copper was melted down to make beautiful ornaments and useful items. 

Where Can We Find A Copper Scrap Metal?

Copper is used extensively in the fields like electrical, engineering, and agriculture. Due to this, every home today has a good volume of copper inside their homes within walls, appliances, and other electrical equipment. A list of places where we can find a copper scrap is listed below; let's get started:

• Expansion Joints

• Radiator Cores

• Electric Motors

• Electrical Wiring

• Gutters & Downpipes

• Electrical Equipment

• Communications Cabling

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