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FaNat D.O.O is a leading Steel Billets Supplier in the international market. Steel Billets are most commonly used for further casting of metals, molding them into desired shapes, and taking out final steel shapes as per requirements. We are known as one of the verified semi-finished steel billets manufacturers. The use of these steel billets is at a large scale in various industries to create bars, rods, etc., and sell them further. We are the 1st traders of steel billets, from which you can get the least market prices and yearly wholesale deals for semi-processed steel billets. With a market of over 2 million industrialists, we have a prominent place as the most reliable Steel Billets exporter.

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One of our satisfied clients is trading with us in raw form steel billets for the past 10 years. He is an industrialist, which uses our steel billets to refine them into different machining and engineering parts. FaNat has an aim to flourishing your business and reaching to the highest goal. As the best Steel Billets supplier from the Montenegro region. Our Steel is called of the best quality which has also labeled as according to the international standards. Being an international semi-finished steel billets manufacturer, we offer wholesale rates which the best customer services.

Applications of Steel Billets

The Steel billets we manufacture are bendy and ductile when they are exposed to high temperatures. A wide range of applications these steel billets have and are of the extremely high valve. Extensively used in forged and machining industry, these semi-finished steel bars has the quality to mold into any particular shape when forces are applied in correct manners and under specific temperature settings.

FaNat D.O.O being a certified Steel Billets Supplier, is all ready to serve you with your best prices and requirements. Our Lead time is 30 days in normal conditions. We are looking forward to having a nice and both-end profitable deal with you!

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