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Meet The Premium Metal Wire Rods Exporter

Wire rod is a hot-rolled wire with a diameter ranging from 5.5 to 42mm, made of carbon, aluminum, steel, and copper of ordinary quality. The cross-section of a wire-rod is hexagonal, round, semicircular, and square in shape. The factors on which the technical parameters are based are a choice of material used to make a wire-rod. The procedure of its making goes through compressing, rolling, and cooling processes. 

Applications Where Manufacturers Use Wire Rods:

• In the engineering fields

• In the construction and house furnishing

• Aviation 

• Reinforcing concrete structures

• Wires, ropes, and cables

• Industrial area

• Screws and small metal parts

• Chains and welded mesh

What is the Difference In Between Unwrapped and Wrapped Wire Rod?

Wire rods are usually transported in an unwrapped condition, due to which they’re affected by rust. Wire rod is a hot-drawn product, which is why it’s subjected to further processing to have end uses—for instance, steel rebars and galvanized wire for fencing, manufacturing of nails, etc. 

If a wire rod is wrapped nicely, it indicates that the goods are destined for the fabrication of something delicate – for instance, musical instruments. Moreover, they remain protected from corrosion, mechanical stretch, buckling, and scratching. 

Why Our Metal Wire Rods Are So In Demand?

Our steel wire rods are essentially made 70% of Indonesian steam coal required for modern and global life production. However, metallurgic and coking coals are also used as a vital ingredient in the steel manufacturing process. We carefully manufacturer the strongest wire rod that is capable enough to hold anything.

Steel Wire Rods are semi-finished products made from rolling from steel billet in a wire rod mill. They are primarily used to manufacture wires to be used for several purposes. The wire rods are made with high quality and performance capability. 

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